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What’s more manly than a beard?

Taking a straight razor
to your face.

Beards are out, fellas. Clean shaves are back. And they’re here to stay.

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Do I Really Have to Shave?

Yes... you should ALWAYS shave

Whether you’re as baby faced as a second grader or hiding your face better than James Harden, the answer is always a loud and resounding... YES.

Why Should I Shave?

Best reason to shave? Bacteria, my friends

Okay, you know how I told you that I wasn’t going to get into the science of grooming because it’s disgusting? Oops... I lied.

How Should I Shave?

He May Be Doing it All Wrong

If you’ve never had much of an interest in shaving – or aren’t a guy that grooms at all- it’s probably just because your ritual was off.

Time to Grow-Up?

Man up. Learn to shave
the right way

There’s a right way to shave and a wrong way to shave.
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